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TeamSpeak 3 is a modern communication program that allows you to talk to others while playing a game.


Of course you do not need to be playing to use it, you can use it as way of just talking to friends. Our TeamSpeak 3 server is avaialble to the public.The server is provided for the use of all players.

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Broadcast to millions, live in HD.


Visit, or any of there free apps for TV, iPad, iPhone and Android to watch us Gaming live.


Would you like to become a live streamer for Fusion Gaming?


Visit the contact Page and email us why we should add you to our page of live streamers.

Fusion Gaming is a growing community and with that we will always be looking for new games to get into.


when the community spends enough time in a game we try to always get a game server for that game to call our own.


Our servers are %100 funded by the community and its members.